Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I reviewed THE EXPLORER...

In order to understand THE EXPLORER, you've got to read this book word for word, otherwise you will get lost and lose the story line. You see, if I could do a spoiler alert and ignore the warning I would definitely tell you my thoughts on this suspenseful science fiction novel. I know one thing... I wouldn't want to be shipped into outer space, especially if there's a possibility that the events transpiring like the book would happen in real life. You have to read deeply into the story, it was written so you would wonder and ponder. I was sorry Cormac's wife killed herself.

All I can say is I had an eerie feeling reading this book. Who's looking at whom, and who's looking at the person telling the story too? That's the suspense. At first I thought they were brothers (Cormac and the one looking) but I guess I was wrong.

It's a, "You've got to read for yourself sort of book."

I wish I could see what myself is doing too, just like myself is looking at me.

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